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Dangerous work: reprisals against environmental defenders

Crude accountability - Ecoforum of NGOs Kazakhstan/ October 2019

Crude Accountability presents the second edition of a report on harassment of environmental defenders in countries of the former Soviet Union and the United States. Sadly, only two years later, the report needs to be updated because of the steady increase of reprisals against environmental defenders in both regions and around the world.

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Capture crude 2 

enemies of the state 

Enemies of the State? How governments and bussines silence land and environmental defenders

Global witness/ July 2019

In 2018, Global Witness documented 164 killings of land and environmental defenders – ordinary people murdered for defending their homes, forests and rivers against destructive industries. Countless more were silenced through violent attacks, arrests, death threats or lawsuits.

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At what costs?
Irresponsible business and the murder of land and environmental defenders in 2017

Global witness/ July 2018

The 2017 annual data into violence against land and environmental defenders showed a rise in the number of women and men killed to 207 - the highest total we have ever recorded. What’s more, the research has highlighted agribusiness including coffee, palm oil and banana plantations as the industry most associated with these attacks

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global witness 1 

Capture crude accountability

Dangerous work: Increasing pressure on environmental NGOs and activists in the countries of the former Soviet Union and the U.S.

Crude accountability - Ecoforum of NGOs Kazakhstan/ 2017

The report is devoted to environmentalists who have been or continue to be persecuted in the countries of the former Soviet Union and in the U.S. for their work to protect everyone’s right to a healthy environment.

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