Freedom of speech violations on the rise in Ukraine, RFE/RL warns

22. 1. 2020 - KYIV

Freedom of speech in Ukraine deteriorates, informs Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). A recently published report states that '243 cases of violations of freedom of speech have been identified in 2019 (...) For the first time for the last three years in Ukraine, the journalist was murdered.'

'Published on January 16, the Freedom of Speech Barometer report stated there were 243 such cases in 2019, eight more than the previous year,' RFE/RL wrote on Thursday. The yearly report was carried out by the local media watchdog Institute of Mass Information (IMI). If further mentions a murder of Vadym Komarov, a journalist killed on June 20 following an attack in May in Cherkassy, a city in central Ukraine 192 kilometers south of Kyiv.

 The listed reasons mention 'increased pressure from media owners and politicians, both of whom contribute to discrediting journalism, plus there is not much solidarity in journalistic circles,' explained Kateryna Dyachuk, the head of IMI’s freedom of speech monitoring department.


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