EEB: Environmental information are required but not provided

6. 12. 2019 - BRUSSELS

Public authorities are failing to provide citizens with information on environmental matters across the EU, a new report finds. According to META, the news channel of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), most governments and institutions don’t provide sufficient data regarding the decisions concerning environmental matters.

'This report examines the current state of play with regards to access to environmental information in the EU, with a special focus on current access to information at Member State level. The report also gives policy recommendations and gives examples on how civil society and the public can exercise their right to information for a strengthened democracy,' META stated in an article reporting on the publication.

Download and read the report here: For your information

The study consists of two main chapters – informing the public and requesting documents. To both, it also provides a number of recommendations to follow in order to secure the proper functioning of environmental democracy. Furthermore, it 'selects some proactive ways that environmental information is and can be provided to the public, indicating the areas where there is great potential for development through already existing technologies and schemes. Explanations and examples on how environmental information is requested also illustrates some of the difficulties that people face both at national and EU level.'

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