Environmental and river defender attacked violently in Bosnia and Herzegovina

16. 7. 2019 - KONJIC
PHOTO: Zeleni Neretva Konjic

Yesterday, a member of a Zeleni Neretva NGO was physically abused in his hometown of Konjic, near Sarajevo. The environmental organization defending the Neretva River is convinced that the aggression is linked to their activities. 

'This morning, at 10:35, an activist of the Zeleni Neretva Konjic Association was attacked while performing the usual duties of monitoring the Neretva River. As a reaction, a photo camera was forcibly taken from him by unknown attackers (see picture). After his request of returning his camera, a physical attack ensued from which the activist suffered minor injuries and his cellphone was destroyed," the organization stated on their Facebook page. Later on, the organization disclosed the names of alleged assailants. According to said post, the incident was then reported to the police and an investigation is underway.

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